How Will a Ticket Affect My Uber Driver Status?
What to Do if I’ve Got One?


For Uber drivers, a traffic ticket can be more than just a nuisance—it may impact their ability to drive for the platform. This article delves into how traffic tickets, including speeding tickets, affect Uber drivers and explores whether attending traffic school can be a solution.

Uber's Driving Record Requirements

Uber, like most rideshare companies, has specific requirements for its drivers' driving records. To maintain their status as an Uber driver, individuals must uphold a standard of safe driving, which is often reflected in their driving record. A clean record is usually a prerequisite for driving with Uber.

The Impact of a Traffic Ticket on Uber Drivers

Receiving a traffic ticket can have significant implications for an Uber driver. Depending on the severity and frequency of traffic violations, a driver's partnership with Uber could be at risk. Speeding tickets and other traffic violations can lead to a review of the driver's status on the platform.

Can Traffic School Help Uber Drivers?

Traffic school can be a valuable resource for Uber drivers facing traffic tickets. Successfully completing a traffic school course can, in some cases, lead to ticket dismissal or reduction of points on a driving record. This can be crucial for maintaining a status that aligns with Uber's driving record requirements.

The Importance of Maintaining a Clean Driving Record

For Uber drivers, maintaining a clean driving record is not just about avoiding fines—it's essential for their professional status. A history of safe driving can ensure continued eligibility to drive for Uber and avoid penalties or suspension from the platform.

Insurance Considerations for Uber Drivers with Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets can also impact insurance rates, a crucial factor for Uber drivers. Higher insurance costs due to traffic violations can diminish the financial viability of driving for Uber, making it important to address tickets effectively.

Choosing the Right Traffic School

When selecting a traffic school, Uber drivers should look for courses that are recognized by their state's DMV and suited to their specific violation. Online traffic schools can offer a convenient and flexible option, particularly for busy drivers.


Understanding the impact of traffic tickets and the potential benefits of traffic school is vital for Uber drivers. Managing traffic violations through accredited traffic schools can be a strategic move to maintain a clean driving record and ensure continued success on the Uber platform.