California Traffic School
Does It Improve Your Driving Record?


When it comes to managing the repercussions of a traffic ticket in California, many drivers turn to traffic school as a solution. However, there is often confusion about whether California traffic school removes a ticket from your driving record or simply masks it from your insurance company. This article aims to clarify this aspect and shed light on how traffic school impacts both your driving record and insurance costs.

Understanding California Traffic School

California traffic school is a program designed to educate drivers on safe driving practices and traffic laws. These schools, approved by the California DMV, are often utilized by drivers who have received a traffic ticket and seek to avoid negative consequences on their driving records and insurance rates.

The Effect of Traffic School on Your Driving Record

In California, completing a traffic school course does not remove the ticket from your driving record entirely. Instead, it masks the violation, meaning the conviction remains but is not visible to insurance companies. This masking is crucial as it prevents the ticket from affecting your insurance premiums.

Masking Tickets for Insurance Purposes

The primary benefit of traffic school in California is its ability to mask a ticket from your insurance record. This means that while the ticket is still on your DMV record, it's not considered by insurance companies when determining your rates, thereby potentially preventing an increase in your insurance costs.

California's Point System and Traffic School

California operates on a point system, where traffic violations add points to your driving record. Accumulating too many points can lead to increased insurance costs and even license suspension. Traffic school helps by preventing certain point accumulations from being visible to insurance companies.

Traffic School vs. Ticket Removal: What's the Difference?

It's important to differentiate between ticket removal and what traffic school accomplishes. Traffic school does not erase the violation; it simply masks it on your driving record for insurance purposes. The ticket and its associated points are still part of your DMV record, but they don't impact your insurance rates.


California traffic school is a valuable tool for managing the implications of a traffic ticket. While it doesn't remove the ticket from your driving record, it effectively masks it, helping to maintain your current insurance rates. Understanding this distinction is key for drivers looking to navigate the aftermath of a traffic violation in California.